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5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Hiring a Salesforce Developer

Even when you have a trusty Salesforce administrator on your team, you occasionally need a developer to make Salesforce work well for your small business.

As your team gets accustomed to using Salesforce, you may need more integrations and custom coding to get everything you want out of the platform. With the right Salesforce developer, you can make the platform even more powerful as your business grows. But, hiring a Salesforce developer is no walk in the park. 

Business owners may want to jump in and find a developer right away. However, if you’re still wondering, “Should I hire a Salesforce Developer?” you may be rushing in too soon. There are a ton of mistakes you may miss if you’ve never hired a Salesforce developer before. 

Here are the 5 mistakes to avoid when you’re hiring a Salesforce developer. 

1. Hiring a General Developer

As a small business owner, you probably aren’t an expert in different coding languages. That’s okay—no one expects you to be! But, if you hire just any developer to handle your Salesforce platform, you may end up sorely disappointed. 

Knowing what makes a Salesforce developer different is the key to making a smart hire. So, what is a Salesforce developer, and what do they do?

Every developer writes code in particular languages, and Salesforce developers specialize in Apex and Javascript. Knowing how to customize the platform for your business needs is what an expert Salesforce developer excels at. That’s only part of why you need someone beyond your run-of-the-mill dev. 

A dedicated Salesforce developer can also help you simplify your business practices. The right developer can make creative solutions to automate your business processes, build out useful dashboards, and create applications to your exact specifications. Even if you’re not sure exactly what you need, a freelance Salesforce developer will guide you to create the tool your business needs. 

If you hire just any developer, they may not be able to help you actualize your vision. Avoid this mistake by looking for Salesforce-specific technical skills and thought leadership in your interview.  

2. Trying to Save Money With a New or Inexperienced Developer

Between accessible coding boot camps and free Salesforce training, you may have many developers answering your job posting. However, that doesn’t mean every applicant is the best choice for your Salesforce needs. 

Some business owners may try to save on budget by hiring a less experienced Salesforce developer. While you don’t need to break the bank to get exceptional work, hiring the least expensive (and likely least skilled) is a common mistake for small business owners. 

Before you hire a Salesforce developer, ask for a portfolio to see their past work. While it may seem smart to hire someone with a ton of certifications, they may not have real-world development experience to showcase. If they are charging by the hour, that may mean you end up paying a ton more than you expected for development changes. 

In many cases, a small business does not need the most experienced or most expensive developer to meet its goals. However, a newbie developer may not cut it for your dev projects, either. Finding a skilled, knowledgeable developer is one of the easiest ways to ensure your platform is designed to fit your business needs, even as you grow. 

3. Looking for a Full-Time Developer Right Away

When you need a new team member, it may seem natural to hire someone full-time. However, a part-time Salesforce developer may be a better choice for your organization.

Many small business owners jump to hire a full-time developer and find they don’t have enough work to keep them busy! Plus, after a pricy implementation, adding a new salary to your payroll may be out of the question. While this mistake is common for small businesses, it’s also a big error you’ll definitely want to avoid. 

Building out your platform and automating your processes are crucial to take full advantage of Salesforce. However, that doesn’t mean you need to create every automation right away! Salesforce grows with your business, so it’s important to have access to a developer when you need them… and only when you need them. 

A freelance Salesforce developer is a great choice for rapidly expanding businesses that need development help. Having a part-time Salesforce developer available to you can help you tackle the projects you need without searching for extra tasks to justify your hire. 

4. Hiring Someone With Outdated Practices

Technology evolves quickly. Some business owners want to hire a developer with years of experience with a business just like theirs. We don’t blame you! 

However, if a Salesforce developer worked for one company in-house, they may not be the most up to date on the latest programming practices. Salesforce is always making improvements and introducing new features, so it’s important to have a developer that tries new things and creates cutting edge solutions to your business problems. 

A freelance Salesforce developer can help you create modern, relevant solutions that use the latest Salesforce features. Plus, a part-time developer’s experience in different industries can help bring a new perspective to your platform. 

5. Getting One Person to Do it All

Trying to hire the perfect person is always a downfall when you’re looking for a Salesforce developer. When your budget is limited, it’s tempting to hire someone who can wear as many hats as possible. However, this approach can be a mistake when you hire someone who can’t focus exclusively on development. 

Different development projects can call for different talents and insights. Having just one developer to rely on means you may not get the same quality of work on every project. If you hire a full-time developer, they are bound to have strengths and weaknesses, but they may be resistant to outsourcing projects they aren’t experienced in handling. 

When you work with a part-time Salesforce developer, you can always have the right person for the job. Unfortunately, that means you have to find the right person for each project. Getting a freelance Salesforce developer from Cutopia can ensure you always have the right dev for any job.

Don’t Make a Mistake When Hiring a Salesforce Developer

If you’ve been wondering, “Do I need a Salesforce developer?” it’s time to hire someone. However, the wrong Salesforce developer can cost your small business a lot of time and money. When you’re hiring a Salesforce developer, don’t forget to keep these common mistakes in mind to make the best hire.

Finding a fool-proof part-time Salesforce developer is easy with Cutopia! Contact us today to find the right developer for your small business. 

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