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5 Top Signs You Need to Hire Salesforce Consultant

Has your business struggled to comprehend the different features of Salesforce? Are you wondering how you can maximize the return on your investment for it? If so, then you need to hire Salesforce consultant for the job.

Doing so can help you figure out how your company can best use the software and when it’s a good idea to start looking for direction. When done right, Salesforce can help you nurture your clients at every step of the process, you just need a Salesforce consultant.

See below for all of the signs that it’s time to reach out to Salesforce consulting services to learn more.

1. Your Staff Isn’t Using It

Believe it or not, there are some of your staff members that will elect not to use Salesforce at all if they don’t fully understand it. Even if they do, they’ll perform the bare minimum to get their manager (and you) off their back.

You might think that’s on them, but it isn’t. While you might not think it, their intentions are actually good. 

If they never received proper training on how to use Salesforce with their daily work schedule, then they’ve no clue where to begin. Rather than waste a substantial amount of time figuring it out, they stick with the way that they were using before.

For example, rather than keeping track of their book of business on Salesforce, one of your sales reps might elect to use an excel spreadsheet.

2. Sales Numbers Are Suffering

When used correctly, Salesforce can help you see a higher source of revenue from your client base. By using its many features, you’ll be aimed at nurturing your leads, building that relationship, and helping them build customer loyalty with your brand.

Make no mistake about it, these results won’t be instantaneous. However, you should start to see a slow climb.

If it’s been a few months and you still aren’t seeing measurable results, then there’s something that needs to be fixed. This could go back to the previous point where your workers aren’t using Salesforce or their lack of training is slowing their performance.

In any case, something needs to be fixed. You and your workers need to be shown the features of Salesforce that can be destiny-altering for your business. Be sure to reach out to and hire a Salesforce consultant right away.

The consultant will look at your company’s business model, then help your entire staff (including you) understand how to best use Salesforce to see the best results.

3. You’ve Never Had a CRM Before

If you’ve never purchased customer relationship management (CRM) software for your business before, then you’re already behind on the times.

By purchasing Salesforce, you’re on your way to giving your company the advantage that they need. But you aren’t out of the woods just yet.

If this will be the first time that your company is adopting a CRM system of any kind, then you have your work cut out for you. Odds are that you and your staff have some production-killing habits to cleanse yourselves of.

These habits might be wasting company time or not giving the clients the attention that they need. Salesforce can help get you there, but you have to make the conscious effort to implement it. 

The sooner that you hire a Salesforce consultant, the better. The expression “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” certainly applies here. Once your workers have adopted a certain (wrong) way of using Salesforce, it will be hard to buck that trend.

Get out in front of that problem by hiring a consultant to teach your staff as soon as you purchase the CRM software. 

4. Your Customers Are Unhappy

Imagine the horror of spending the money to integrate Salesforce for your business, then finding out that your customers are starting to get unhappy. The dramatic shift can put a dent in your company’s customer support efforts.

If you leave your workers to figure out Salesforce for themselves, then it might cause them to take more time to get back to the client.

If they don’t know how to log a call in Salesforce, then they might forget key information that they and their customer previously discussed.

Don’t let your customer’s satisfaction falter. Hire a consultant to teach your staff how Salesforce can prioritize and improve customer support, not harm it.

5. You’re Getting Frustrated

Simply put: Salesforce should never lead to frustration for your business. In fact, it’s sole purpose is to provide the opposite: satisfaction for you, your staff, and your clientele.

So if you aren’t seeing that after adopting Salesforce as your CRM, then you need to make changes right away.

Perhaps you’re frustrated because you don’t understand where to start. Maybe your staff is frustrated because they feel like they were forced to use this new system, but never received proper training on how to use it.

You wouldn’t let them drive a company car without a driver’s license. You wouldn’t want them making cold calls without a sales script. Why let them operate your customer relationship management software without proper training and knowledge?

Hire Salesforce Consultant for Your Needs Today

Now that you have seen several different signs that it’s time to hire Salesforce consultant help for your business, be sure not to ignore the signs.

Be sure to read this article for several Salesforce tips that we recommend for small businesses to use. There you’ll understand why keeping it simple is so important in the way you use Salesforce moving forward.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.

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