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How Much Should You Pay a Part-Time Salesforce Administrator?

Transitioning to Salesforce is a big implementation, even for small businesses with only a few users. After investing in a new platform, you may not be thinking about who you need to hire to support your Salesforce platform. But, once your implementation teams rolls off, it’s important to have a Salesforce expert available for ongoing support. 

You might be surprised to learn that most small businesses don’t need a full-time administrator! A part-time Salesforce administrator can be a cost-effective way to get the support your company needs. But how much does it cost to hire a freelance Salesforce administrator? 

Here’s everything you need to know about how much to pay for a part-time Salesforce consultant. 

Does My Company Even Need a Salesforce Administrator? 

As your Salesforce integration rolls out, your team may be asking if you’ve hired an administrator yet. Some small businesses think they don’t need someone to support their employees. But, without a Salesforce administrator, your implementation can fall short of expectations and become a pricy mistake. 

A Salesforce administrator does more than giving new users access. Essentially, your administrator makes sure your team is using Salesforce to its full potential. That often takes some ongoing management or development on the backend. 

No matter how big or small your business is, your business needs a Salesforce administrator to succeed. But, that doesn’t mean you need a full-time admin in your IT department. An admin’s $68,000 average salary may seem overwhelming after a major implementation. 

Thankfully, there is another option. Part-time Salesforce administrators can offer the skills you need at a price you can afford. Hiring someone part-time helps you take advantage of Salesforce without breaking your budget. 

Is a Part-Time Salesforce Administrator in Our Budget?

Even if your implementation team trained your IT department, you will still need a Salesforce expert on hand from time to time. Managing users, developing workflows, and customizations may go beyond your current team’s experience. A freelance Salesforce consultant can help you plan how to use Salesforce and make the platform work for your company.

But, finding the right Salesforce administrator for your needs can be tricky. Salesforce professionals can specialize in different areas, so you might need to hire a Salesforce administrator to onboard new employees, a developer to customize your platform, or a consultant to build out automated workflows. For businesses new to Salesforce, making a smart hire can seem overwhelming. 

While a new hire might not be in the budget, a freelance Salesforce administrator can be a better fit for small and medium-sized businesses. If your business has under 300 users, a part-time admin is likely to be the perfect fit. Rather than hiring someone internally, you can outsource many Salesforce tasks to freelancers. 

Hiring a freelance administrator for a fixed number of tasks is a great way to preserve your budget. Paying for monthly support can keep costs predictable without finding a new freelancer for each project. Knowing pricing upfront and paying monthly instead of hourly can make Salesforce support more realistic for your budget. 

How Much Should I Pay a Part-Time Salesforce Administrator?

Freelance Salesforce administrators’ rates can vary significantly. But, as with most freelancers, cheaper is not always better. 

Even if your budget seems tight following implementation, you will still need help to get the user adoption you’re aiming for. Reliable Salesforce support can make sure you get a solid return on your investment.

You may be able to find affordable, part-time Salesforce consultants on gig websites for low hourly rates. However, when you don’t know how long a task will take, you could end up paying much more than you accounted for. If you do not have a pre-established relationship with a freelance administrator, you can experience expensive delays on your projects, too. 

It’s important to find a Salesforce administrator that you trust. Since your administrator may be managing permissions and employee onboarding, they may have access to employee information you may not want just anyone to have. Working with a credible Salesforce administrator can ensure your security measures are maintained. 

Having a reliable, part-time team member doesn’t have to be expensive. When you work with a company like Cutopia, you can pay a flat rate to have all the Salesforce expertise you need. In fact, you can easily get ongoing support for as little as $1,000 a month!

With an average hourly wage of $32, hiring a full-time Salesforce administrator can be far beyond what you’re ready to pay. Typically, a developer will charge closer to $44, and the hours of work needed may be less predictable. It helps to keep these numbers in mind when you hire a Salesforce developer or administrator from any source.

Get the Support You Need at a Price You Can Afford

Hiring someone new can seem daunting, especially when you can’t predict what help you’ll need down the line. But, finding a Salesforce expert that you can consistently afford doesn’t have to be hard!

Having support on hand ensures that your Salesforce implementation is an ongoing success. A part-time Salesforce administrator is the perfect way to get the help you need at the right price. A consistent monthly fee can offer you support based on your business size and your unique needs. 

Get the expertise you need month after month with Cutopia! We’ve got the part-time Salesforce experts that you need to succeed.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to get the right part-time Salesforce consultant for your company!

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