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How to Hire a Salesforce Developer in 6 Easy Steps

As more and more companies become more and more technology-driven, the need to complete online services and use the Cloud platform is increasing. Moving to Cloud offers businesses a more secure way to operate their business, sales, marketing, commerce, and other services.

More than 150,000 small businesses are aware they need to hire a salesforce developer with experience to handle customer experience and relationship (CRM) software. Salesforce is popular for a reason, and who you hire is just as important as the products your business uses. Keep reading to learn the 6 steps you should follow when you want to know how to hire a sales developer. 

1. Be Aware of Qualities You Seek

Before you start looking for people to employ, you want to understand what to look for in a sales developer. What are the qualities you seek and what are the qualities someone which the right experience should have? 

The answer to this question lies in knowing what you want. At a minimum, the right salesforce worker should already be familiar with Force.com, Salesforce’s original platform. They should also understand the Lightning App Builder and how to use the features.

Two other essential apps a salesforce developer should know are Heroku and Fuel. You can weed those who are inexperienced in the field out this way. 

2. Post the Position Online

The only way to get workers is to inform them of the position. The best way to reach out to professional Salesforce workers is to post the job online or directly on your website. You can also post an opening through job websites like Indeed. 

If you have a specific need for workers that often change depending on business needs, it will be better to work with a Salesforce consultant who can offer a customizable service. Words of mouth and referrals can also go a long way in helping you find the right person. 

Take advantage of social media as well. Sites like Linkedin are highly resourceful in finding the perfect candidates. It saves a lot of time too because you are able to view an applicant’s work related-background to see if they are a good fit. 

3. Get Their Resume

Resume screening is one of the most important factors you should always in the job process. This is where you will get detailed information on an applicant and see what credentials they have. A resume will also tell you how many years of experience they have in something. 

They also highlight an applicant’s strengths and will tell you the places they have worked before. If references are important to you, and they should as they help verify experience, be sure to mention you require it.

When you review a Salesforce developer’s experience, they all should have at least a Marketing Cloud, B2C Commerce, or Platform certification. As an option, you can ask for applicants to include a cover letter at their discretion. Cover letters can help you better determine whether or not someone is a good fit for your needs. 

4. Complete a Technical Screening

When you are doing the hiring, you will be in better control and have a better hiring experience when you divide the hiring process into several steps. You should always include technical screening too. Looking at an applicant’s resume alone is not enough. 

If you really want to gauge how competent a Salesforce developer is you want to include a test that will test their technical competencies and skills. It will also inform you of their strengths and weaknesses.

These tests will help you out too as an employer who may not be familiar with the tools and knowledge a Salesforce developer should know. You do not have to get anxious about having to create these tests yourself. There are various sites available that open their platforms for employers seeking coding tests. 

5. Do an Interview

Speaking with the potential Salesforce developer you will hire helps you determine how well they can articulate themselves. It can build a great rapport between the start of an employee-employer relationship. While it is crucial an applicant can understand CRM language and the tools it requires, having great communication skills is a must. 

You want to hire and work with someone who is able to speak about their work and what they are doing in a clear manner. Salesforces developers will need to be able to know how to talk to work well with others or assist someone. 

Personal interviews also allow you to evaluate an applicant on a deeper level. By talking, you are able to better assess their work ethic and determine if their personality fits your work environment. It is also the perfect time for applicants to express themselves and highlight certain qualities about themselves you didn’t see on paper or through technical screening. 

6. Test Their Skills With a Project or Probation

Even when you “hire” a Salesforce developer the hiring process is still not completely over. Before you offer a more permanent position, you want to test their skills first with a project. Alternatively, you can start them off on probation. That probation period could be one month or three months (often the standard). 

Sometimes you will decide to hire someone based on the belief they will improve and do better. Nor everyone will have the exact skills you want and sometimes giving them a chance will allow them to gain the skill and improve from there. If an applicant is a fast learner, for example, hiring them on probation or for a project will let you know if you want to keep them or look for someone else. 

Hire a Salesforce Developer for Your Business Easily 

When you want to hire a salesforce developer, you have to be willing to create a hiring process that involves several steps. Although it will take a while to find the right applicant or applicants, you will be happier with the selection(s) you make.

If you need help finding the perfect Salesforce developer for your business, you can also contact us for help. We can help you find the right package that fits your needs even when it changes.  

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